Discounted Digital Voucher by Hargapedia

For your contest/ promotion activation as well as gift for staff welfare

With concerns of the current pandemic, digital vouchers are a great way to empower your business partners and grow your marketing channels. It comes with all the benefits of physical vouchers but without its disadvantages. Even better, we provide the digital vouchers at a discount – allowing you to save more with every voucher.

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For Businesses

Digital vouchers are a great way to boost sales and generate traffic. Be it for contests or promotional activities, digital vouchers are highly attractive to consumers as most consider it as a ‘cash prize’.

Especially during these challenging times, digital vouchers can help ensure your brand stays interesting and engaged with users without any physical contact.

For Employees

Use it to recognize and reward employees and teams for their hard work and achievements. They will thank you for it!

This will help foster a happier working environment and ensure a better management-employee relationship. It’s also convenient to distribute and is cost-effective.

Why digital vouchers?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider digital vouchers.

Reduced Cost

No paper cost, inventory management, shipping cost for delivery.

Shorter lead time & cheaper delivery

Can be sent over any messenger app/email with little to no cost

More recipient within budget

Increased number of recipients with less cost.

Greater savings!

Save up to 3% with every voucher purchase!

Familiar brands.

We are currently offering vouchers from 5 brands and more will come soon!

Grab Food
Grab Mart

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