Price Monitoring Online For E-commerce Businesses

Adapting to changing times, the pandemic has led to a surge in the e-commerce business and accelerated digital transformation.

The online price has played a very important role in your e-commerce business. Therefore, tracking and monitoring your and your competitor's online prices will be of the utmost importance.

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Why Use Our E-Commerce Price Tracker?

Here are a few reasons why you can place your confidence in us.

Daily Checks

Online price and product daily – 7 days per week and 365 days per year

Multiple Checks

3x during Shopee/Lazada major sales event such as 11.11, double day sale

Product Level

We matched and merged the same product that had been named differently in different online stores

Official Stores

More than 400 official stores in Shopee & Lazada

Independent Stores

Independent online retailers such as Potboy, BigBox Asia, Motherhood

Offline Retailers

Offline retailers with online presence such as Lotus’s Online, Watsons Online, Guardian Online, etc.

That's not all.

With Online Price Track, you can take advantage of the following benefits.

Have better control over your online price

Know your ideal selling price vs your competitor

Identify if you have any online price error

Identify if your products are priced fairly

More insights into your e-commerce sales performance vs your competitor

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions you might have about Online Price Check

We track the product name and price once per day & will upload the information to the system every day

Yes, we match and standardize all SKUs’ product names in our system for you to use the data easily

As this service is still new, we will focus on the basic first which is solely on pricing. Any gift, contest, bundle promo, purchase with purchase, flash sales will not be tracked at the moment.

Tracking offline prices would be another service of ours. We can execute an audit to check offline price with additional cost.

Yes, but not all. You may tell us which unofficial stores are important to you & we can look into it.

Yes. The dynamic nature of e-commerce will mean that we need to constantly keep up with changes, such as tracking new stores. Many players jump into the e-comm wagon, you can tell us who is important to you, and we'll look into the data collection.

There is no limit on the category & stores that you wish to subscribe to. However, in event that the online stores' site that no longer active or on vacation mode, we will not be liable for the loss of data during such period, we will take up to 7 days to rectify such an issue.