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Why Intrack, The FMCG Specialist?

Known in the market as "The Trade Specialist", we provide market research solution to the FMCG industry to collect insights data by offering field promotion tracking, category management, planogramming outsourcing, in-store tracking, price audit, consultancy and training services.

We are FMCG expert, with over 20+ years of experience in the retail trade industry.

Our services are subscribed by both local & MNC FMCG companies and retailers. We work closely with retailers on data sharing of promotions and prices.

We are present in Malaysia & Singapore to serve your tracking needs.

What market data should you be tracking?

Tracking of the 4Ps is essential to check your own performance as well as market competition in the category you are competing with.


  • Distribution check(if your product is listed & selling)
  • Assortment check(what products been sold by a particular retailer)
  • New Product Introduction(any new products available in the market)
  • On shelf availability or out of stock checking


  • Share of space tracking(how much space your brand have within the category)
  • Planogram compliance(check if the agreed planogram has been followed at outlet)
  • Promotion or new product launch execution compliance check


  • Promotion frequency by retailers by suppliers(who's promoting where and how frequently)
  • Promotion mechanics as well as price


  • Both normal & promotion price for your products as well as competition
  • For offline as well as online retailers

Unique & Practical Solution That Helps You To Understand The Market And Competition Better.

From Tracking of 4Ps To Outsourcing of Planogram Service

MailerTrack Promotion Tracking

MailerTrack is a proprietary SaaS software that offers the most comprehensive B2B FMCG promotion tracking service in Malaysia and Singapore. With a wealth of price and promotion data dating back to 2006, MailerTrack provides valuable insights and analytics on brochure, press ad, and social media promotions. Our clients use this information to strengthen their negotiations with retailers and suppliers. If you want to improve your promotion tracking efforts in Malaysia and Singapore, consider using MailerTrack.

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In-store & Online Price Check

Pricing plays a crucial role in consumer decision-making and can greatly impact the profitability of your organisation. To stay competitive, it's important to track the prices of your own products and those of your competitors. Intrack can help you monitor pricing both offline (at physical stores) and online (on e-commerce sites) at the frequency that works best for you. Stay up-to-date on market forces and pricing fluctuations with the help of Intrack.

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In-store Tracking & Audit

Intrack can customize a tracking service through our trained field auditors to identify and address any concerns you have about distribution checks, new product or promotion display compliance, out of stock or share of space tracking, or any other in-store matters you need visibility on. Whether you are looking to improve compliance or gather valuable insights, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

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Category & Space Management

Need comprehensive space management services? We offer a range of options, from affordable planogram software to outsourcing tasks to our experienced team. We also provide training to ensure your team has the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

In addition to handling field collection, scan data analysis, planogramming, and category reviews, we offer support services to help you effectively manage your space. Our team has the experience and expertise to help you with data analysis, planogramming, and category reviews."

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Hargapedia Survey Solution

Through our app, Hargapedia, we can quickly and easily reach a diverse group of over 1,300,000 Malaysian users to participate in your survey at a highly cost-effective price. The entire process from distributing the survey to delivering the data and insights to you takes just three weeks.

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Other Solutions

Find out more about our other suite of solutions for your business needs.

Mystery Shopping

Looking to obtain mystery shopping services? Our adept in-store tracking and auditing capabilities enable us to perform incognito assessments for businesses across all industries, encompassing FMCG, F&B, and financial institutions. Allow us to furnish you with the crucial insights you require.

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Hargapedia Activation

Elevate your shopping experience and cut down on expenses with our cutting-edge mobile app, enabling you to effortlessly locate and compare prices of your preferred brands from multiple retailers, no matter where you are.

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Planogram software

If you're seeking a practical and cost-effective planogram software solution in Malaysia and Singapore, we're pleased to offer you one of the finest options available in the market, as authorized resellers.

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Training & Consultancy

InTrack offers expert training and consultancy services in category management and in-store marketing excellence to help you enhance your skills and achieve success in these critical areas.

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Satisfied clients

Key Fortune 500 and local CPG/retail companies in the region rely on our services to meet their needs."

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