MailerTrack Add On For Instore Display Tracking at Malaysia's Biggest Retailer

With more than 2000 stores across Malaysia, commanding the limited promotion space available at the store gives brands an advantage

Having a clear view on how promotions are carried out at 99Speedmart vs other trade channels will allow you to optimize your own strategies to stay ahead of competitors

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What can our service offer?

Here's how we can help with your planning

Weekly Checks

Our team will visit multiple 99Speedmart stores to collect data


We can spot new promotions as soon as it appears in the store


All collected data will be made available on MailerTrack

Product Level

We will record promotion information up to the product variant

Audit Pictures

You can verify the promotions from the audit pictures

Backdated Data

Historical data can be used to spot trends and changes in the market

That's not all.

With Online Price Track, you can take advantage of the following benefits.

Determines importance of 99Speedmart channel for your category

Identifies heavily featured brands and whether you are among them

Benchmark your strategies against the market to stay competitive

Identifies most suitable products and pack sizes to promote in 99Speedmart

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