MailerTrack Plus

Introducing MailerTrack Plus - it is an enhanced version of our MailerTrack Promotion Tracking Data existing MailerTrack Promotion Tracking Data which marries offline promotion and e-commerce pricing together into one to enable you keeping tracking and comparing the prices between both the retail channels.

Our price comparison solution includes product images and maintains your pricing history for up to one year that can enable you better set your prices so as to stay competitive in today's challenging retail environment. With MailerTrack Plus, you will be able to easily track and compare like prices to ensure that you are getting the most value for your customers.

*Currently this service is available in Malaysia only.

Why choose MailerTrack Plus?

From business owners who want to compare prices from e-commerce platforms (Lazada, Shopee) and offline retailers (Giant, Lotus's, Econsave, Guardian, Watsons). As such, our platform makes it easy for you to keep tabs on the prices so that you can meet them or even offer your products and service better rates.

MailerTrack Plus
Consistent product names

Consistent Product Names

We matched and merged the same product that had been named differently by each store (offline / e-commerce)

Assorted Products

Offline advertised promotions that are advertised as Assorted are matched to each of its individual SKU.

Assorted items

Comprehensive retailer coverage

MailerTrack Plus offers comprehensive price tracking data for over 400 official stores on Lazada and Shopee, as well as 50 retail chains within West Malaysia and their official e-commerce sites.

We track more than 400 official stores

Offline retailers with online presence

*new retailers/official stores will be added in future updates

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