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Retail Space Mangement is crucial to today's retail industry, especially with the growth of e-retailing in Malaysia, which adversely affects businesses. Offer convenient shopping experience to your customers.

Streamline Your Category Management with Intrack

If you're a manufacturer looking to embark on a space management project for a specific category, the first step is to obtain captaincy or a category project from the retailers. Intrack does not cover this initial process but we can assist you with managing the backend process of a category project.

category management company malaysiaWe can assist with managing the backend process of your category project, which includes data analysis, planogram creation, and cluster planogram development.

Don't worry if you don't have access to planogramming software - Intrack is an authorized reseller of Retail Shelf Planner in Malaysia and Singapore. Our affordable planogram software caters to the basic requirements of planogram creation, making it a great solution for businesses of all sizes. Trust Intrack to streamline your category management process and optimize your retail operations. Contact us today to learn more.

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Professional Category Management Services by Intrack

Intrack offers dedicated category management services to help you optimize your retail operations. Our highly experienced professionals can handle all aspects of your category and space management projects, from field data collection to sales data analysis, category reviews, and planogram creation. Whether you're starting a brand new project or looking to improve an existing one, our team can assist you in achieving your project objectives.

Don't have a dedicated category management team? No problem. Outsourcing your projects to Intrack allows you to benefit from a proper category management process at a fraction of the cost of a full-time team. Trust Intrack to streamline your category management and planogram development processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions you might have about Space & Category Management

Category management focus on managing the 4Ps of the category, namely, Product/Assortment (if carry the right items), Place/Space (if allocate the right spacing/stock), Price (if selling at the right price) and Promotion (if I promote them correctly) Space management focus on just 2Ps namely Product/Assortment & Place/Space. Most retailers in SEA are actually practising Space Management

Space Management or planogram is not a miracle tool to help you increase sales, and it can’t. You might see sales uplift after implementing planogram due to better efficiency in space by reducing the occurrence of out-of-stock.

If you sell the right products with right space allocation according to data and what your shoppers want, there is a high likelihood that sales will improve, however, it is not always guaranteed, as there are various other factors that will impact sales, both internal and external.

Technically you can, however, it will be pointless if you create a planogram without data. The key to planogram is using data to optimize space, e.g. giving more space to products that sell well, and reducing space for products that are not performing. Without data, there is no way you can see the sales for each product.

2 most common metrics used will be sales movement (or sales unit per week/ regular movement) as well as days of supply (how many days the stock can last till next replenishment). Essentially, we will give more space to products that sell well. At the same time, retailers might also want to control the stock on the shelf by not exceeding certain days, especially for short shelf life products.

Intrack does not own any planogram software license. All software licenses that are installed on our devices are client owned. We would recommend you purchase an affordable planogram software – Retail Shelf Planner, which is sufficient to meet your basic needs of planogramming.

It is part of your responsibility to provide category insight information to Intrack upon confirmation of the subscription, which includes Retail Audit/ Scan Data information, Decision Tree, Merchandising Guidelines, Category Segmentations and Share of Space allocation or Space Buy (if any)

Our charges for Space and Category Management outsourcing services are based on Man-Days (8 working hours per day). Upon understanding your job scope and requirements, a quotation will be provided with an estimate of the number of Man-Days that are required to complete the task.

It depends on your need – we do provide a retainer package as well as on an Ad-Hoc basis