Intrack Market Size Report 2020: Impact of Covid-19 to revenue & profit

  • Winners and losers by channel and retailer. Did Covid-19 propel more retailers into the "Billion Dollar Revenue" club?
  • Did E-commerce benefit from the MCO and crowd control and social distancing SOPs
  • The impact of WFH on Health & Beauty retailers
  • Who were the casualties of operating hours restrictions?

Intrack's 2020 Market Size Report: Impact of Covid-19 to revenue & profit, answers your question of how big a retailer is for 65 retailers across the hyper/super market, convenience stores and pharmacy channels. Also included are e-commerce players and specialty stores, to understand what opportunities or threats these niche players pose.

See attached brochure for our attractive pricing, the retailers we tracked in our report and a sample report.

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We Provide Comprehensive Market Research In Malaysia

One either can make a rough comparison based on their number of outlets or if you are a supplier to these retailers, you can gauge using internal sales data. These methods at best are good approximation.

Insights Into Retail Marketing

A more objective definition of size should be based on these retailers’ reported revenue or sales. Intrack has conducted a research into Malaysian retailer market size and has compiled a report providing insights into these retailers’ revenue and profitability up to the latest 2020 financial year. These financials are actual figures disclosed by the retailers themselves for regulatory filing purposes, which is obtained from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia).

Market size by revenue and profitability provide useful insights into the health and position of a particular retailer, especially if you are a supplier to them to allow you to negotiate better and plan for future opportunities with the right retailers.