Unlock Your Advertising Potential: Achieve a 5% CTR

20 Sep 2023
Info: Boost CTR with Hargapedia

Looking to Boost Your Click-Through Rate (CTR%) Beyond Typical Social Media Platforms?

If you've been relying on Facebook and Google Ads with an average CTR of 1.11%-1.66%, it's time to explore Hargapedia and experience an impressive average CTR of 5%!

Why Choose Hargapedia?

At Hargapedia, we harness the power of our platform to help brands target shoppers throughout their purchasing journey. With over 1 million Hargapedia users who have downloaded our app, we possess a deep understanding of the user purchasing journey.

From initial product discovery and deal exploration (Awareness) to in-depth product exploration on product pages (Interest), price comparisons (Consideration), clicking "Buy Now" for online purchases (Conversion), and even saving favourite items to "Price Tracker" for continuous price monitoring (Loyalty), we are your partners in every step.

We specialise in the "Lower Funnel" of the consumer journey, where brands can drive conversions, generate leads, and boost sales effectively. Additionally, our unique advantage lies in our ability to intercept users by strategically placing ads on your competitors' product pages, capitalising on their intention to buy or search for products.

Curious About How Hargapedia Works?

Contact us today to learn more and enhance your advertising efforts with Hargapedia!

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Krystal Cheong
Digital Marketing Manager, Hargapedia.
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