Insight: Changes in promotion strategies by Malaysian retailers

21 June 2021
Changes in promotion strategies by Malaysian retailers

Promotion remains a crucial element in the FMCG retail industry, even with the pandemic that began in 2020. The COVID-19 outbreak has prompted many Malaysian retailers to shift their promotional investments from physical copies, such as mailers and newspapers, to online platforms like social media. For example, retailers such as 99 Speedmart and TF Value Mart have embraced this trend, recognizing the growing importance of social media in reaching consumers.

Therefore, it's imperative for FMCG suppliers and retailers to re-evaluate their promotion strategies to stay relevant and competitive in the current situation. With social media's increasing popularity, businesses must adapt their marketing plans accordingly to reach their target audience effectively. This could include increasing their social media presence, developing engaging content, and targeting specific demographics.

Changes in promotion strategies by Malaysian retailers

If you're interested in learning more about how FMCG retailers are adapting their promotional strategies, we invite you to reach out to us and request a copy of MailerTrack FMCG Review 2020. This report offers detailed breakdowns of promotions by retailer, media, and category, providing valuable insights for businesses looking to optimize their promotional efforts.

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Mist Mah
Head of Business Development, Intrack Market Services
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