Insight: Who's focusing more on social media?

23 July 2021
Who's focusing more on social media?

In today's ever-changing digital landscape, the misconception that social media platforms primarily serve as marketing channels for pharmacies is increasingly outdated. Independent supermarket retailers are not only adapting to digital marketing trends but are also often outpacing pharmacies in their utilization of these platforms. In many instances, they are shifting their focus to actively engage with their customer base through online methods.

As part of this strategic realignment, these supermarkets are gradually reducing their reliance on traditional mailer campaigns. Instead, they are opting to focus their marketing efforts on web-based and social media channels. This approach not only offers a more efficient allocation of resources but also allows for a more targeted and direct method of communication with consumers, fully aligning with modern marketing best practices.

A substantial number of independent Supermarket retailers were seen heavily promoting on social media

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Mist Mah
Head of Business Development, Intrack Market Services
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